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Company Profile

Rollyu Precision Machining Co., Ltd.

Rollyu Precision Machining Co., Ltd. is a provider of custom precision machining parts located in Shenzhen, China. Reliable Machining Service, Your Top Choice for Machining Parts.

All of our staff with more than 10 years experiences in machining industry. We have established good relationship with our customers and been proud to say that we have met and greatly satisfied the clients’ demands. Stability in production quality is maintained all throughout to offer our customers with the more competitive price and customer service.

We mainly manufacture custom machining parts for the application Automation, Robotics, Motion control, Instrumentation, Pneumatic, Hydraulic ,Valves, Lasers, opto-mechanical , Optical, Medical devices, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, etc.

Machining processing by turning, milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, Knurling, Tapping (Threading), polishing and other complex machining, 3/4/5 axis machining.

Applies geometry according to CAD/CAM/Step/IGS system for finishing.

Available tolerance is less than 5 microns in ID/OD sizes, concentricity, circularity, flatness, parallelism and perpendicularity.

Surface treatment can be made per customers’ specifications, Anodizing (Clear, Black Colored, blue, red, Hard coat, etc.), Conversion Coating (Alodine, Chemfilm, Iridite),Powder coating, temper hardening, induction hardening, plating, black oxide, Passivation, Polishing, Deburring, Tumbling, Silk Screen, Engraving and Laser making.

The quality of each part is precise and accurate, it is result of our skilled Engineers , well-trained workers and experienced machinists.

Company vision:

We create high quality, precision manufactured products essential to our customers success.

Advantages of Working With Rollyu Precision Machining Co., Ltd.

Our large production lines can accommodate your demands. On time delivery is assured. RFQ and orders are welcome, contact us
immediately to discuss your projects.

Cost Efficiency

In addition, our internal machining capabilities along with our history of CNC expertise allows us to onfigure the proper equipment into a cost efficient cell. This helps reduce setup costs, assures quick deliver, and provides flexibility to changes in demand, or product design.


We take your project head on and provide you with one single source for your parts production needs. Whether your project involves working with a foundry, or any number of parts finishing requirements, the buck stops for you with Rollyu!