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  • Custom Precision Machining, Milling and Turning Parts for Medical Devices

Custom Precision Machining, Milling and Turning Parts for Medical Devices

Custom Precision Machining, Milling and Turning Parts for Medical Devices

NEST HOLDER 6061-T6 Clear Anodizing for Dental Equipment

Precision is non-negotiable in the medical field. Whether it’s a prosthetic joint, dental implant, or a surgical tool, every component must meet rigorous specifications. Medical CNC machining ensures precision and quality control, vital for safe and effective patient devices. 


Products Details

Some Mechanical Parts We Build for the Medical Industry

PartApplicationMachining Process UsedMaterialSpecific Feature
RotorBlood Gas Analyzer4-Axis Milling6061-T6 Aluminum0.010" Thick Cell Walls
Rotor HousingBlood Gas Analyzer4-Axis Milling6061-T6 AluminumMicro Milling of Housing to Accept Electronics
StatorBlood Gas Analyzer3-Axis milling6061-T6 AluminumCircle Interpolate Boss with 0.0005" Tolerance
Objective HeadCatheter HeadEDM Sinker17-4PH SteelEDM Sink with Miniature Copper Electrodes
BarrierCT ScannerConventional Turn and Mill718 InconelUsed Ceramic Tooling for Turning
Arc, SupportCT Scanner Rail4-Axis MillingProject 70 SteelDrilling and Tapping Holes on the Face of a 48" Radius
ImpellerFluid Flow5-Axis MillingPEEKBurr-Free Micro Milling
Micro-TipInstrument CapMicro TurningAISI 316 Stainless SteelMicro Wire EDM
Gear PlateLaser Eye Keratome4-Axis Milling17-4 Ph Cond H900Mill to Accept Miniature Gears
Insulator, ConductivityElement IsolatorMill/TurnKel-F PCTFE PlasticTurn Tapered ID Profiles
Impeller, PolishedExperimental Heart Pump5-Axis Milling6Al-4v TitaniumBurr Free Polished Impeller Surface
Alignment ScrewCT ScannerSwiss Screw Machine718 InconelBurr Free Part for Clean Room Use
Nozzle, DispensingDrug Dispensing NozzleHard Turning17-4 PH Cond H900EDM Wire 2mm Thru-Hole over 8 " Length
ChamberPneumatic Drill CoreEccentric Turning17-4 ph Cond H900Honing ID to 8 Micro Finish

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