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Mitani Wong

Marketing Director

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Kelly Liu

Product Manager

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Jemily Leo

Sr Sales Engineer


Shirley Huang

Project Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions At Rollyu Precision

1.  Q: What do you need to prepare for my CNC machining parts quotation?

A: To provide a meaningful quote, we require the following information:
We accept CAD data in any format, 2D, CAD files(dwg, dxf, pdf, etc)
and 3D, including STP, IGES, X_T, DWG, PDF, STL; 3D files(step, stp, igs, etc)

The expected quantities, machining processes, and raw materials required;
Any necessary secondary operations, including finishing specifications, heat treatment, anodizing or plating, etc.Any applicable customer specifications, such as First Article Inspection, PPAP requirements, and required outside process certificates; any other useful information, such as target pricing or required lead times. In most cases, we will respond to your quote within 1 business day. The best way to help ensure a quick quote is to provide as much accurate and specific information as possible.

2.  Q: What kind of products can you customize?

A: We can use many different technical processing methods to produce the items that customers need, and can customize any mechanical parts. Specializing in CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, sheet metal fabrication, die-casting parts, vacuum casting, injection molding, forging, 3D printing. Laser engraving, silk screen printing, CNC machining engraving, and etching can also be customized.

3. Q: What kind of CNC machining services do you offer?
A: CNC machining is also called computer numerical control machining. We do the following machining services: milling, turning, drilling, threading, tapping, EDM and wire EDM, custom surface finishing, prototype machining, low volume or one-off part machine run, modification of an existing part, material sourcing assistance, limited material warehousing and parts dispatching.
From prototype to production, from 1 to 10,000 pieces, we offer fast turnaround CNC machining of your custom metal and plastic parts with as fast as 3-day delivery.

4.  Q: What different types of materials are used in machining?

A: Steels: extremely popular materials in the machining sector.
4140,4340,Q235,Q345B,20 #,45 # etc.
Stainless steel: highly resistant to corrosion and rust due to the presence of chromium in the alloy
SS201、SS301、SS303、SS304、SS316、SS416, etc.

Aluminum: various ultra-light and non-magnetic alloys
AL6061、AL6063、AL6082、AL7075、AL5052, etc.

Brass: cost-effective materials that are easy to machine
HPb63、HPb62、HPb61、HPb59、H59、H68、H80、H90, etc.

Coppers: highly conductive metals
C36000, etc.

Titaniums: expensive, but ideal for machining light parts
Grade 11 Grade 12 or Ti 0.3-Mo 0.8-Ni Grade 4
Grade 5 or Ti 6Al-4V
Grade 7
Grade 1
Grade 3
Grade 6 or Ti 5Al-2.5Sn
Grade 2
Grade 23 or Ti 6AL-4V ELI

Plastics: a viable alternative to metals
ABS、PC、PE、POM、Nylon、PP、Peek、PTFE(Teflon) etc.

5.  Q: What different types of surface finish are used in machining?

A: Pre-Surface Finish Processes for CNC Parts
Grinding (if needed)
Surface Finish Processes:
As Machined Finish (3.2 μm Ra/1.6 μm Ra/0.8 μm Ra/0.4 μm Ra)
Alodine Coating
Black Oxide Coating
Bead Blasting
Powder Coating

6.  Q: How do you ensure the quality of my parts?

A: If you’re worried about Quality Assurance for international orders, an ISO-9001-certified factory won’t let you down, with
dedicated inspection equipment and our skilled QC/QA staff, and our self-checking operators, top-tier CNC machine shops perform three types of inspection, we perform in-coming raw material inspection, in-processing quality inspection, and pre-shipment inspection. We can provide 2D reports, COC, material certificates, CMM reports, and dimensions reports to ensure the quality of your parts is within the expected range.100% of all dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances, and print notes will be documented according to our MIL-STD-105E-based statistical sampling plan with zero rejects. All dimensional inspection reports will be shipped with your parts.

7.  What is your lead time?

A: There is no standard delivery time and we will schedule production based on the current workload. Once your purchase order is received, documentation is completed, and materials are available, we will provide prompt feedback on the exact delivery time, which can usually be anywhere from 3 business days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the part and quantities of parts ordered.

8.  Ask: What is your MOQ?

Answer: Tell us the quantity, our MOQ is 1 piece,
the higher the quantity, the cheaper the price.

9.  Q:I would like to keep our design secret, can we sign an NDA?

A: No worries, we will sign the NDA.